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'Lead the Way' promotes successful obedience dog and puppy coaching for all ages. The key to successfully teaching is that both the handler and dog understand one another, you are the key to your dog's future and safety. Learning repetition, consistency and observing behaviour is only the beginning. Training should always use positive association learning, rewarding behaviour rather than punishment.

Registration open For Puppy classes starting in SEPTEMBER 2015. Multipul options available

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Teaching your dog isn't just about the welfare of your family, your dog and the public (being either safety in the parks,on the roads and around the house) it's also about teaching new commands, tricks and games; keeping your dog stimulated and happy while building a strong bond with your pooch. Many people forget that exercising your dog doesn't just mean 'Walkies', dogs are very intelligent and need games to stimulate their minds too...keeping the boredom at bay (especially if you own gun dogs, working breeds, husky, Jack Russells...just to name a few). Above all teaching and training is about maintaining the bond between you and Rover, this is a rewarding time for you both and will benefit your dog immensely. I've always found that by being exciting and fun for your dog is the best way to keep their attention.


I encourage all dog owners to seek alternative methods of professional forms of treatment if behaviour modification or training is not at any point the most appropriate means of treating the condition or problem. Always use trained and qualified professionals for all forms of training and treatment.

Lead the Way offers dog training for all ages. Currently Lead the Way can not offer behaviour treatment, however referrals and contacts can be obtained by contacting us.

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